May 2009

Board Members Present:
George Whitfield (President), Ben Kirby(Vice-President), Jessica Cessna (Treasurer), Matthew Byerly (Secretary), Lena Williams, Gabrielle Leitch, and Rick Leitch.

Board Members Absent:

Homeowners Present:

April Minutes:
A motion was made by Jessica to accept the minutes as presented, motion was seconded by Lena, motion carried.

Financial Report:
Jessica Cessna
Brazos Valley Bank:
Operating Account:   $15,316.68
Money Market:          $41,047.48
Total:                         $56,364.16

Prosperity Bank:        $10,703.00

Total:                         $67,067.16

The balance in accounts receivable is $23,690.00.

There have been nine liens filed on homeowners owing more than $200. Since then, two have been paid in full, two have been paid without paying the lien charges and one from 2008 has been paid in full.

A motion was made by Rick to accept the financial report as presented, motion was seconded by Ben, motion carried.

Director of Operations Report:
Rick Leitch

The pool pump impeller is not functioning correctly and will need to be replaced.

One of the basketball rims has been replaced at a cost of $170.

The association’s insurance provider approved the setting up of a volleyball net on the grounds surrounding the clubhouse.

The lawn mowing is going pretty well. Rick cannot mow the retention pond because of the construction taking place on Barron Road. Rick will discuss with the city to see if they will take care of it for us.

The association has a contract for the vending machine installation. The contract states the association will receive $25 a month plus 10 percent commission on sales over $200.

Rick is still waiting to hear from the City of College Station on the neighborhood grant for the national night out.

Committee Report:
Enforcement: Things are in good shape around the neighborhood. There are two homes with boat issues; Rick has spoken with them.
Webpage: Everything with GKG is going well. Doing exactly what we need them to do.
Social: The garden club is bringing in a master gardener to speak at 7:00 p.m. on May 28th. The national night out being held August 11th will follow the same format as 2008.
The theme for 2009 will be “Outer Space”.

Old Business:
None Presented

New Business:
None Presented

Homeowner Concerns:
None Presented

With no further business, motion was made by Jessica that the meeting be adjourned. Motion was seconded by George. Motion carried.

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