August 2011

The Meeting was called to order at 6:58 by Patrick L. Kimes

Those present at the meeting:  Steve Ginn, Robert Cooper, Jessica Guidry, and Patrick Kimes.

A question was made about writing off accounts with less than a $10 balance.
Patrick will call to obtain the new insurance certificate.

Office Updates:
Kendall’s last day is 08/20/2011.
Patrick will replenish the supplies with the use of the debit card

Planning Committee:
Six new tables and chairs were purchased for the pool area.  They still need to be put together.

Social Committee:
Matt will update the board regarding the price to use a coordinator for National Night Out.

Code Violations:
Homeowner complained about neighbors not watering their grass and the lawns turning brown.

Action Items:
We will purchase binders for a maintenance log.
Steve will call to schedule painting of clubhouse.
Lemonade stand is leaving a bunch of trash in the common area.

Meeting was ended at 8:03 PM.

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